What is Rendering?

What do creators make?
Rendering or image synthesis is the process of generating a photorealistic or non-photorealistic image from a 2D or 3D model by means of a computer program. The resulting image is referred to as the render.
An example of a render frame (post processing)
Multiple models can be defined in a scene file containing objects in a strictly defined language or data structure. The scene file contains geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading information describing the virtual scene.
The data contained in the scene file is then passed to a rendering program to be processed and output to a digital image or raster graphics image file. The term "rendering" is analogous to the concept of an artist's impression of a scene.
For a more in-depth breakdown, please check out the below video by 3D Artist Andrey Lebrov:
Credit: Andrey Lebrov
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