Requesting a New Node

Re-rendering your work in case of errors

Occasionally a frame may take a long time to finish because the node has difficulty processing the frame. After a period of time, the frame will be sent to a new node to be completed. However, if you want to expedite this process so that your job can complete, you can Request a New Node by selecting the highlighted area below in the preview window.

Selecting this option will send the frame to a new node.

[NOTE]: if the frame is currently in progress, you will have to pay for this frame to be sent to a new node. It is recommended to use only sparingly - for example if your job is 97-99% complete and you are on deadline, with some frames taking time to finish.

For frames that are stuck and not in progress, 'Requesting a New Node' does not cause you to incur additional costs. For all other instances, please email for help.

Frame Rejection

Select the Individual Frame or Sequence of Frames and click 'Reject'. Once a Frame is Rejected, it will automatically be sent to another node on the network to be re-rendered.

You will not be charged additional RNDR for this work. However, you will also not be allowed to modify the frame or sequence in any way. Jobs should only be rejected if there was an error processing the frame, like black frames, partially rendered frames, or broken frames.

After three failed re-renders, a job will be terminated and a support ticket will be automatically created. A support team member will review the failure and follow up. For support inquiries please contact

Cancellation vs Frame Rejection

If, for example, you want to modify the Sample rate or change elements in a scene like the camera, lighting, color etc., please cancel the Job, make the changes and Submit a new Job to be processed. This means it is very important to check a Job prior to rendering.

All correctly processed rendering work will be paid for as the network needs to compensate node operators for their work in order to be sustainable. See Job Cancellation FAQ’s in the General FAQ for more details on cancelling scenes you no longer want rendered.

Frames Automatically Approved After 72 Hours

If no Approval or Rejection of frames is given within 72 Hours after Job completion, all frames will automatically be approved.

RNDR is a two-sided network of Node Operators and Creators, and Node Operators who have hard infrastructure costs need to receive Tokens in a timely manner so that they are able to maintain operations. For this reason, release of tokens needs to be expedient. With rapid confirmation, Node-Operators are able to more easily use the network, building critical GPU supply that is intended to lower costs and increase availability for Creators.

Adding Tokens or Credits to Download Frames

It is not possible to estimate Job costs with 100% accuracy prior to actually doing the rendering work. Often times there is significant variance in the rendering work required between frames as things like the camera positioning, lighting, and a host of other factors change from one frame to another. For this reason, the Tokens in the locking smart contract are only a base estimation, and the actual rendering work will occasionally exceed the initial estimation.

When a job exceeds Tokens in the locking smart contract, it will automatically be paused, and a notification will pop up asking you to add Tokens or Credits to your account. However, all the frames that are currently in progress will be rendered.

Once approved, completed frames can be downloaded. In order to continue a job, you will need to add Tokens or currency to your account and resume the render.

Job Cancellation

Jobs can be cancelled at any point. However, in progress frames will be completed and node-operators will be compensated for this rendering work, with RNDR released from a Creator's wallet for the completed frames. These frames will then be available for download.

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