The Render Network Foundation

Breaking down the governing organization of the Render Network

The Render Network Foundation is the governance organization for the Render Network, providing a community led decentralized governance framework and process for shaping the future of the Render Network.

The Render Network Foundation strives to include all participants of the Render Network. It is paramount that active and engaged network participants are rewarded with ownership of the network in order to ensure that the network continues to evolve in the direction that serves its users most effectively.

Every member of the Render Network Community is considered a part of the Foundation, as long as they are active participants. This means that Creators, Consumers, Node Operators, Liquidity Providers, the Render Network Team, and Render Network Partners. More detailed information about the Render Network Foundation can be found at the Foundation website.

Render Network Foundation Community

As part of taking over the governance of the Render Network, the Render Network Foundation is now the body behind maintaining the Render Network Community forums. The two most active community forums for discussing all things Render Network Foundation, participating in the RNP process and keeping up to date with the Render Network are:

Render Network Community Discord

Render Network Community Telegram Channel

Please only follow links to Render Network Community forums which are provided by the Render Network Team or Foundation

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