Render Network Upgrade Portal FAQ

Answers to common questions regarding Solana and the upgrade

Official RENDER Solana Mint: rndrizKT3MK1iimdxRdWabcF7Zg7AR5T4nud4EkHBof. Beware of any scams.

The Render Network Foundation is facilitating the upgrade from ETH (RNDR) to SOL (RENDER) for the technical architecture of the Render Network. The Render Network Foundation has put together these frequently asked questions for the community to have clear and official answers. Please be aware of scams and verify all links on official channel.

What is RNDR vs RENDER?

Our community voted to build the network on a new Layer 1 Blockchain, Solana (SOL) after we had previously built on Ethereum (ETH). When rolling out the new token on SOL a new token needed to be minted and $RENDER was created. The old token, $RNDR, will still live but going forward the Render Foundation will focus and put our full support into $RENDER. Users can Upgrade their RNDR to RENDER via the official Upgrade Tool found at

Why is Render upgrading to Solana?

Our community voted for the move in RNP-002. Solana was chosen as it is faster, cheaper, and able to handle the broad vision of the Render Network.

What is the Swap Ratio for Upgrading RNDR to RENDER?

When upgrading RNDR ERC-20 tokens to RENDER SPL tokens, there is a 1:1 upgrade ratio. 1 RNDR = 1 RENDER.

How does the upgrade process work?

Step by step instructions can be found at the RENDER Network Upgrade Portal Instructions page.

Are my tokens being burned?

The RENDER Network Upgrade Portal will upgrade (or burn) your $RNDR for $RENDER.

Will the Render Network Foundation pay my gas fees?

This offer has expired as of January 31, 2024. The Render Foundation covered upgrade gas fees for every ETH wallet, captured as of Oct 30, 2023, that has $RNDR tokens, for the first 90 days of the Upgrade. Wednesday, January 31, 2024 was the last day gas fees were eligible for reimbursement.

The gas fees are incredibly high, how do I fix that?

There is a bug where gas fees in the upgrade process are being estimated at an incredibly high number. If you run into that, try using a whole number like 22 instead of an amount with a decimal such as 22.23.

How do I know this is safe?

The Render Foundation has collaborated with Otter Security, best-in-class auditors, who have reviewed the bridge code. Ensure you are on the proper URL for your upgrade at all times, as scams can be rampant.

Do I need a Solana wallet?

Yes you do. Full instructions can be found on the RENDER Network Upgrade Portal Instructions page.

How will I pay for Render jobs?

All jobs on the Render Network (both 3D and AI) will be paid for and paid out in $RENDER. $RNDR credits can be upgraded to $RENDER. Soon, the Render Credits program will be depreciated in favor of new credits used in the Burn-Mint-Equilibrium.

Can I transfer $RENDER back to $RNDR on ETH?

No. All token upgrades are one-way from ETH mainnet to SOL mainnet.

Do I have to upgrade all of my tokens?

No. Users can select their own desired amount of tokens to upgrade at any given time. Fees will only be covered for the first transfer if users opt to upgrade in multiple transactions.

What are the incentives?

The incentives for porting your RNDR to $RENDER can be found at

How long do I have to upgrade my tokens?

You can use the Render Network Upgrade Portal at any time, but incentives will only be available for users who upgrade from October 2023 until October 2024.

Is the ETH token ($RNDR) going away?

No. But, the token will no longer be maintained by the Render Foundation and the token will not be able to be used on the Render Network.

How will voting work?

Voting and governance will occur with the RENDER and RNDR holders until the RNDR voting is depreciated by the Foundation.

Can I still buy and sell $RNDR on centralized exchanges?

Yes. $RNDR token pairs on centralized exchanges are still live on many exchanges.

Will I be able to store $RENDER on my Ledger hardware wallet ?

Yes. Ledger is supported by leading Solana wallets like Phantom, Solflare, and Glow. View the guide for Phantom here.

How do I qualify for upgrade incentives?

Any wallet upgrading $RNDR to $RENDER will be able to participate in upgrade rewards. The incentives for porting your $RNDR to $RENDER can be found at

When are the incentives paid out?

Incentives will be paid out to wallet addresses starting in November 2023 and continuing for a year paid out monthly.

What exchanges is $RENDER listed on?

$RENDER is listed on most major exchanges.

How long does it take for the ETH $RNDR token to burn to $RENDER?

When you upgrade from RNDR to RENDER, your ETH RNDR will be burned in advance of receiving your RENDER transfer. This process should take approximately 15-20 minutes, but may take longer depending on Ethereum congestion and gas fees paid for the transaction.

If you experience times exceeding 1 hour, please reload the page. Your transaction should remain queued up. If you have any issues, please reach out to admins in our Telegram or email for ticketed support.

I connected both wallets, but I don't see anything. What's wrong?

There should be a transfer button and input field. Try clearing your cache, refreshing your page, or disabling browser extensions like AdBlock. Javascript must be enabled for the transfer.

You can see a walkthrough video tutorial here:

I'm having trouble with the Upgrade Tool. What should I check before contacting support?

The transfer process works in the following way

  1. When you input a RNDR amount in the box and click Transfer, the UI submits an Approve transaction via Metamask. An approve is your permission for the wormhole token bridge contract to spend the given amount of RNDR out of your wallet. you should approve >= the amount you just entered in the box (its generally advised when interacting with ETH contracts via MM to not Approve more than whatever amount you plan to transfer over in the near future, as Approves are cached so if the contract were to be compromised, the attacker could spend your cached Approves)

  2. Once the Approve goes through, the UI will submit a TransferTokensWithPayload tx via MM and you'll see a new pop-up to complete the transfer itself

Possible Issues:

  • The minute you connect your MM wallet we pre-calculate gas fees for both transactions so you will see an error message if you dont have enough ETH from the get go. or if you dont have enough for the transfer after the Approve went through successfully. lately gas fees spiked to obscene levels - $30-60 depending on the size of the tx. So that means that if you dont already have a successful Approve cached youll need gas fees for the approve and the transfer. so that could be up to $70. We do not control this, either top up your wallet and try again or wait for gas fees to go down

  • If the Approve went through but say the transfer (the 2nd MM pop - the tx to actually submit the transfer) fails, simply refresh and retry and the UI should skip the Approve step and take you directly to the transfer step

  1. Once that goes through wait for the UI to spit out an ETH transaction meaning the transfer went through

  2. Now the "hard" bit (where most user complains come from) is over. Now you need to wait roughly 30min (Ethereum's transaction finality time) though it could take longer due to network/propagation delays. This is because the transfer has to make its way through the wormhole blockchain accumulating confirmations on the way. once it has enough confirmations, a relayer picks it up and cashes it Solana side.

Possible issues:

  • Double, triple, quadruple check the Solana address you connected to right before you clicked the Transfer button. We have users creating tickets for transfers that wound up in different addresses than the ones they were expecting, later to find they had some other wallet selected at the time of the transfer. Use either Phantom or Solflare. Once you have authorized and connected the app to your wallet extension, when you open the extension pop up window and toggle different address, confirm that you see that the Solana address displayed in the wallet connect button changes. That is your destination Solana address. Whatever that says, thats where the tokens are going.

  • If you believe you have a delayed transfer. meaning more than 4/5 hrs have passed since you successfully completed the ETH side steps, the UI printed an ETH tx, and you dont see the RENDER in the designated Solana address: when you submit a ticket at and include your ETH address or ETH TX.

I Sent RNDR to the ERC-20 Contract

We cant recover your tokens because the upgrade authority on the RNDR ERC20 was burned. The code cant be updated and theres no existing functionality in the contract to refund the tokens. Always triple check destination addresses before submitting blockchain transfers, a list of official contract addresses can be found at the bottom of the support page.

I'm running into a problem burning tokens: After I click transfer, Render Network suggests a gas fee of $0.00 in Metamask. What should I do?

Try clearing cache/refreshing browser. You can see a walkthrough video tutorial above. If that fails please contact support.

How long will the upgrade option stay open?

The upgrade assistant will stay open indefinitely.

How do I verify my RENDER on Solana is correct?

The contract address for RENDER, (SPL Address) is as follows: rndrizKT3MK1iimdxRdWabcF7Zg7AR5T4nud4EkHBof

You can verify your transaction using SOLscan.

Other Official RENDER Contract Addresses can be found at the bottom of this page.

If I did the upgrade to "Solana Wallet A" and then transferred the $RENDER to "Solana Wallet B," will I still be included in the incentives?

Yes, the incentives will be sent to "Solana Wallet A".

If my tokens are on a Ledger on an ERC-20 chain, do I need to do anything?

Should you decide to optionally upgrade to RENDER, you will be able to use your Ledger to store your new RENDER as Ledger is compatible with Solana wallets including Phantom (Similar to how you can connect Ledger to Metamask.)

Can I just keep my $RNDR and not move it to the Solana chain?

Yes, but participating in emission incentives and upgrade rewards is only possible through upgrading from RNDR to RENDER.

Will redemption value on Credits change with BME, since value is moving to a non-pegged price?

Yes, the redemption value of credits and $RNDR will be replaced.

I hold RNDR and am wondering if I could just send what I have to an exchange and swap out there for the SPL version?

No. Unless your centralized exchange messages otherwise, the only way to upgrade RNDR to RENDER is located at

How can I upgrade my RNDR from an Exodus wallet? I don't see that this is possible unless I pay ETH fees to send it to Metamask?

Exodus wallets are not supported by the upgrade assistant. You will need to transfer your RNDR from your Exodus to a compatible wallet in order to upgrade.

I have my RNDR Tokens on my Ledger, do I need to do something for them?

There is no requirement for you to do anything. Should you decide to upgrade to RENDER, you will be able to continue to use your Ledger to store your new RENDER as Ledger is compatible with Solana wallets including Phantom. You can read instructions for setting up your Ledger for Solana compatibility here.

Will ERC-20 pairs stop trading / liquidity be removed?

The network does not control whether an exchange decides to list or remove pairs.

When will centralized exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, OKEX) release information about upgrade plans?

The network does not control whether an exchange decides to list or remove a token. When the network knows more about exchange upgrade plans, we will share across relevant social channels.

Is the upgrade mandatory for holding?


Is the upgrade mandatory for future liquidity providers?

The upgrade is not mandatory, however you will need to upgrade within the terms outlined in RNP-006 in order to be able to qualify for rewards incentives. Only holders of RENDER will be able to participate in RENDER liquidity pools.

Will we still get the rewards for bridging if we sell our RENDER once bridged?

Users who upgrade will be paid out every month at the wallet address they upgraded to.

Are there any holder groups excluded from the incentives? For example, the Foundation, Advisors, VCs, etc.?

The incentives are for all community members who comply with the terms outlined in RNP-006. Anyone who upgrades will also have the ability to opt-out of incentives. Whether a community member intends to, or has opted out, is a question for them, not the Foundation.

Is the upgrade compulsory for governance?


Do Node Operators need to take any action today?

The Render Network implemented a process to reach out to Node Operators with instructions on how to update their wallets.

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