Render Network Official Links and Channels

Official links from the Render Foundation

With the recent increase in attack vectors across the web3 ecosystem, this post highlights key information and resources for the community to reference and stay safe.

Please confirm information using this post and across official channels before interacting with contracts or connecting your wallet to websites. When in doubt, take time to confirm information on the Render Network Discord, Telegram and other channels listed at the end of this post and available to reference at

Render Network Contract Address

Below are the ONLY official contract addresses associated with the Render Network. It is highly recommended to verify any transactions against these official, verified contract addresses before approving transactions.

RENDER SPL Contract Address:


RNDR ERC-20 Contract Address:


Official Render Network Upgrade Portal

To upgrade RNDR ERC-20 tokens to RENDER SPL tokens, please use the official Render Network Upgrade Portal and Resources found below:

BME Emissions, Compute Client & Burn Addresses

These are the only Render Network addresses where Node Operators will receive RENDER SPL emissions or rewards

BME Node Emissions and Compute Client Addresses:


Multi-Sig ATA for Node Emissions and Compute Client Rewards:


Each epoch, an amount of RENDER is burned based on the amount of work rendered as part of the functioning of the BME — from this address:

RENDER Burn Address:


Multi-Sig ATA for Burn:


Resources on Recent Releases

Official Render Network Official Channels:

All communications from the Render Network will come from these official accounts, which serve as the primary sources for community members to access the most current updates, news, and information. Confirming information from multiple official accounts is recommended before connecting a wallet to a website, or signing and approving transactions.

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