Using the Solana Upgrade Assistance Tool

How to upgrade your RNDR (ETH) Tokens into RENDER (SOL)

One of the most prominent changes of the Solana blockchain shift is the launch of "RENDER", the new network token built on the Solana blockchain. Similar to the launch of the ERC-20 token contract, alongside the new contract launch will be the launch of a upgrade assistance tool to allow users to transfer and upgrade their current RNDR (ETH) into RENDER (SOL). Below is a guide on how to use the tool properly and upgrade your RNDR to RENDER.

Preparing to use the Upgrade Assistance Tool

Before using the upgrade assistance tool, you will need to make sure that all of your RNDR tokens are on Layer 1. If you have any RNDR tokens on Layer 2, you will need to transfer them back to a Layer 1 compatible wallet. You can find instructions for doing just that below:

Upgrade Assistance Guide

  • Start by going to We suggest typing the URL into your browser to verify you are on the correct page.

  • Click “Connect” under “Connect your Ethereum Wallet”.

  • Select “Metamask” or “WalletConnect” if you have an ETH wallet outside of a Metamask wallet:

  • If connecting using your desktop, select the “Desktop” tab, then click “Connect with Metamask Extension”

  • A Metamask window should appear. Select an account that contains your RNDR, and click “Next”

  • On the next screen, click “Connect”

  • Your wallet should then appear connected under the Step 1 tab

  • Select your wallet under “Connect Solana Wallet”.

    • Choose your wallet option from between Phantom, Solflare and Torus. If you have a wallet plugin installed on your browser, it should detect one of those wallets options.

    • A window should appear for your selected wallet (using Phantom in this case). Select “connect”.

  • Once both wallets are connected, enter an amount of ETH-RNDR to transfer over to SOL-RENDER, and click “Transfer”.

  • Two transactions on Metamask will appear. First, a transaction that permits token transfer, and second, the token transfer itself.

  • A Metamask window should appear with the total token amount being transferred and an estimated gas fee for the transaction. Review these details and if they are correct, click “Confirm”.

  • The transaction should take approximately 15 minutes, though times may vary based on blockchain factors, so we advice monitoring your token transfer using a network explorer like Etherscan.

  • Use a whole number, such as 15 instead of 15.55 if you are experiencing a high gas estimate.

  • If you run into any problems head to the Render Foundation Support Page.

If, during either the initial transaction or the dispersal period, you experience wait times exceeding either the Metamask estimates or the estimated 15 minutes for token dispersal, please reload the page.

This should correct any issues and you WILL NOT be double charged any transaction fees.

  • If you encounter any issues, please contact support in Discord.

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