How to Use Nation and Snapshot to Vote in RNPs

Breaking down how to participate in the Render Network

The Render Network Proposal process uses Nation and Snapshot for voting.

  • Nation is used for voting with RENDER SPL tokens

  • Snapshot is used for voting with RNDR ERC-20 tokens

Please see instructions below for using Nation and Snapshot for voting in RNPs.

Using Nation for Voting with RENDER SPL Tokens

Connect your Digital Wallet to to vote using your RENDER SPL Tokens

Step 1 (Optional):

If you haven't done so yet, please copy the RNP link to GitHub and paste it into your browser to view the complete proposal.

Step 2:

To cast your vote on using your digital wallet, begin by selecting the "login" button located in the top right corner.

Step 3:

Before choosing your wallet, make sure you own RENDER (the amount doesn’t matter) or have upgraded your RNDR to Solana. Additionally, transfer your tokens to one of the three wallets mentioned in the screenshot—Phantom, Backpack, or Solflare.

Step 4:

When using a Phantom wallet, after connecting your wallet, a screen will prompt you to "connect" your wallet.

Step 5:

Confirm your account ownership and wallet address by clicking "sign" when prompted by the appearing screen.

Step 6 (Final Step):

After verifying and connecting your wallet, you can now participate in voting on the proposal (RNP).

Using Snapshot for RNDR ERC-20 Voting

To use Snapshot, first go to On the home page you should see a button in the top right hand corner of the page labeled “connect your wallet”. Click the button to begin sign-up.

A window should pop up with multiple wallet connection options.

If you hold your RNDR Tokens across any of these options, please select it

Please pick the wallet option that matches the wallet that you have that contains your RNDR Tokens.

For Metamask users, which would be the majority of Render Network creators, click on the option that says “WalletConnect”. An additional prompt will appear, where you will be able to select Metamask as an option. For Ledger hardware wallet users, you will do the same steps as well.

Once you have selected your wallet option, you should be prompted in a pop up window to connect your wallet through a simple signature.

Once you have signed off on the connection, your account will be created on Snapshot.

To vote in a Render Network Community vote, simply go to the Render Network Snapshot page, where you will see Active, Closed and Pending votes.

All “Active” votes will be available for voting by RNDR Token holders

To participate in an Active vote, simply click on the vote you would like to participate in. You will then be taken to the vote page, where all voting options will be displayed.

Once you have selected your option, press vote. A popup window will appear, displaying your choice, the Snapshot vote # and the amount of RNDR you have available to cast as voting power.

If all is correct, confirm your choice by clicking “Vote”. A signature window will appear to confirm your vote choice, and once you have signed your vote will be confirmed!

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