Create Job Parameters for Rendering

Setting up your scene

Once you have uploaded your Scene, you will find it on the Scenes page. There you can create Jobs, delete Scenes, or sort Scenes by either date, name, or status.

When you have a scene to render, you can create a Job. To begin this process click the 'Create a Job' button on your scene. You will be redirected to the ‘Create a Job’ page, where you will have several options.

Main parameters

  • # of Samples: Just like in OctaneRender, this sets the maximum number of samples per pixel before the rendering process stops. The higher the number of samples per pixel, the cleaner the render.

    • It is important to test your preferred sample settings prior to cloud rendering in order to find the optimal amount of samples a render requires to achieve desired results.

      • Set your sample settings too low you may have an unusable noisy render.

      • Set your sample settings too high, you may be incurring cloud rendering costs with diminishing returns.

  • Resolution: This must be between 1 and up to 65000 for both width and height.

  • Select Frames: Range of frames you want to render (can be single frame, a range, or mix of ranges)

  • Output: There are several format outputs, including PNG, EXR and Deep Image, and various metadata options.

    • To select the format(s) you want, simply click on the option in menu.

    • To change the Output Naming Format, just enter one or more of the Output Naming Options in the drop down menu.

    • Output Format Recommendation for Render Network: Very large file sizes can reduce speeds and increase costs. The Render Team recommends to work with the lossy compressed file format EXR DWAA or DWAB when using the network (click here for more details)

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