Setting up a Solana Wallet

A step-by-step guide to setting up one of the more popular Solana compatible wallets

One of the most important changes for the everyday user is that Metamask wallets are not supported on the Solana Blockchain, so Node Operators will need to setup Solana compatible wallets in order to continue receiving tokens in exchange for rendering work.

There are many Solana wallet options available, each with different appeal and utility. For general purpose and ease of use, we recommend Phantom, with Solflare or Torus as secondary options, and Ledger as a hardware wallet option. Unfortunately, Trezor wallets are not currently supporting Solana.

The following guide will be based on signing up and setting up a Phantom wallet.

Wallet Set-up

  • In your browser of choice (Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge), go to

  • The website should detect which browser you are using and provide a download link front and center (circled in RED), but if not, click the “Download” button in the top right hand corner of the screen (circled in GREEN).

  • Upon clicking the link for your respective browser, a second tab will appear prompting you to download the Phantom wallet add-on to your browser.

NOTE: If you are experiencing an error with adding the browser add-on, you may need to temporarily change settings or turn off your ad-blockers/download safety measures.

  • Once the add-on has been downloaded, if it does not appear in your browser extensions bar, go to your extension manager and add it to your extension bar.

  • Click on the Phantom icon in your browser. A new tab should open up prompting you to either create a new wallet or link an existing wallet. If you do not have a prior Phantom wallet, click “create a new wallet”.

  • You will be prompted on the next page to create a password and agree to the terms of service. Create a strong password and check the terms of service box, then press “Continue”.

  • Click “finish” on the next screen, and your Phantom wallet will be officially set up!

  • Now that you have your Phantom wallet, 3 separate wallet addresses will be automatically generated for this new wallet. If you click on the Phantom icon, it will open up your wallet, showing you your current balances.

  • Click on the “Account 1” or “Account” tab and it will show you the wallet addresses for this Phantom wallet on the Solana chain, Ethereum chain, and on layer 2 Polygon chain. Please keep in mind that you will need to choose the correct chain address when selecting deposit locations.

You are now all set-up with a Phantom wallet! If you have any questions, please reach out to the Render Network team support channels for advice through this transition.

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