Estimate Job Costs Prior to Rendering

Understanding what contributes to RNDR costs
The final step before rendering your job is generating a cost estimate. This is to avoid final job cost exceeding the amount of tokens that were temporarily held for rendering.
If the amount of work exceeds the amount of tokens/credits in your account, a render will be paused and you will be prompted to add more tokens/credits into your account to resume the render.
Estimated Token or Credit costs will appear on the right side of the panel
To generate a cost estimate:
  1. 1.
    Download the latest version of OctaneBench and run the application to get your system's OB score.
  2. 2.
    Render a single frame or range of frames from your scene to see how long they take to render. We recommend rendering the most complex frame(s) from your scene in order to generate an upper bound for rendering time.
  3. 3.
    Enter in your OB score and Time Per Frame into the labeled boxes
  4. 4.
    Based on your OB Score, Time Per Frame and # of Frames Selected, a cost estimate will be generated on the right hand panel. If your estimate exceeds the amount of Tokens/Credits in your account, a notification will appear below the estimate instructing you to deposit more Tokens/Credits to complete your render.
Tokens/Credits can be deposited by clicking on the underlined text
It is important to note that estimates are just an approximation, as there are often significant frame to frame disparities in rendering work that cannot be projected prior to completing rendering work. Working off an upper bound limits the potential that your rendering costs will exceed the amount of tokens you have in your account.
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