Understanding Render Network Governance

Breaking down how to participate in the Render Network

As the Render Network has evolved into one of the largest decentralized GPU computing and GPU cloud rendering networks in the world, it has introduced a decentralized governance framework, led by the Render Network Foundation, to represent the needs of a growing number of stakeholders - from creators and node operators to consumers and liquidity providers. This decentralized governance process is shaped through Render Network Proposals, which any member of the Render Network community can submit and vote on, providing a mechanism for the Render Network community to directly shape the future of the network.

This guide will serve as a primer for how any Render Network community member can participate, actively, passively or some combination of the two, in the governance of the Render Network and its sub-communities. Giving the Render Network Community the ability to help decide the future of the Render Network on matters ranging from grants and development initiatives to additions to the network over time. As the Network and the space it inhabits has continued to evolve, so have the ways in which the community can help govern the Network. The Render Network Foundation and the decentralized governance process fully leverages these advances in peer-to-peer communities to meet user needs.

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