Review and Approve Frames

Double checking your frames

Creators are able to review frames as they are rendered with a full watermarked preview. This allows a creator to ensure their renders are properly executed. Additionally, creators have the ability to watch an animated preview, and can control how long each frame is displayed once a job is completed.

You can also view a rendered outputs as an animated sequence by selecting the "play frames as a video" icon, where you can control how fast the animation runs in the "Seconds Per Frame" field (see below).

As Frames are rendered and after a job has been completed, you can individually approve or reject each frame. You can also approve frames in batch sequences. For example, at frame 1000, you can approve all previous frames from 0-1000 in one click.

Once a frame is approved, the tokens will be debited and used to pay for the approved frames. Once you have successfully paid for a frame, you can download the frames in your Creator Portal.

You can approve frames individually frame-by-frame or select all frames, or a larger sequence of frames by "selecting all". This can happen during or after the job is complete.

[IMPORTANT]: if no approval or rejection of frames or frame sequences is given within 72 hours of Job completion, all frames will be automatically approved.

In some cases, you will need to add RNDR Tokens or currency in order to download the approved frames. Consult the previous section for more information on adding to your account.

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