Select RNDR Tier

Picking the settings that are right for you

Render Network's pricing is structured in a Multi-Tier Pricing format. To learn more about Render Network's multi-tier pricing structure and mechanics, read our in-depth breakdown:

Currently only Tier 2 (Priority) and Tier 3 (Economy) are available, though work is underway to release Tier 1 (Trusted Partners) in the future. To determine which pricing tier is best for your job, you have to factor in 3 main criteria: rendering speed, security, and price.

  • Tier 2 provides rendering queue priority, at a price of 100 OBh/1 RNDR Token or 400 OBh/1 RNDR Credit. Tier 2 nodes provide more power, are able to handle larger and more complex scenes, or render scenes at faster average speeds than Tier 3.

  • Tier 3 provides the most economic rendering solution, at a price of 200 OBh/1 RNDR Token or 800 OBh/1 RNDR Credit. It is recommended that you do not utilize Tier 3 when rendering work on a tight deadline, as rendering queue priority and requisite node power are not guaranteed.

Once you've determined which tier you would like to render your job on, simply:

  1. Select the tier from the right side menu

  2. Select the payment method

  3. Select preferred frame approval method

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