Migrating Genesis Tokens

Guide for all Genesis Token holders (as of pre March 2018) on upgrading your tokens.

For all Genesis sale token purchasers coming back to RNDR, you will need to update your RNDR Tokens in order to include additional escrow smart-contract functionality that has been built into the token. To update your tokens and ensure you're able to use the network, follow the simple step-by-step guide below:

  • Click the MetaMask icon in your browser taskbar and ensure that you are logged into a wallet that contains your RNDR Tokens.

  • Your balance should now appear under “Old Token” on the top left of the migration page.

  • Click Approve Migration and confirm the MetaMask prompt that pops up. In order to confirm, you will need a small amount of Ethereum (ETH) to pay for Metamask Gas fees — please see here for some resources on buying ETH.

If the prompt does not appear, click the Metamask logo in your taskbar and you should see the “confirm” button.

  • Please note that the gas fees should not exceed $100. You can check gas fees and peak times on Etherscan here.

  1. If you are getting a very high gas estimate for Metamask, that is likely due to an estimation error and you will have to perform the gas calculation manually.

  2. First, make sure that your Metamask is updated.

  • Once the migration is confirmed, the “Migration Status” should change to “Approved”. DO NOT refresh the page until this change happens.

  • Now click "Perform Migration" and again confirm the Metamask popup. Again, to confirm the Metamask transaction, you will need a small amount of Ethereum (ETH) to pay for Metamask Gas fees.

The same rules apply as the prior transaction with regards to the fees and manual entry (if needed).

  • Your balance under “Old Token” should now be 0, and there should be a new balance under “New Token”.

  • Add the new contract address as a custom token in your personal wallet to see your balance there. To add as a custom token, follow the below visual guide and enter in the following information:

    • Token contract address: 0x6de037ef9ad2725eb40118bb1702ebb27e4aeb24

    • Token Symbol: RNDR

    • Decimals: 18

Now that your tokens have been updated, you are ready to start using your tokens on the network.

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