C) Network Roles

RNDR is a multi-sided peer-to-peer network with four essential actors.
  • The RNDR Network: Facilitates the coordination of peer-to-peer GPU Rendering Supply and Demand, providing the protocol for exchanging microservices using smart contracts. The network operates smart contracts that confirm and payout rendering tasks in conjunction with a creators approval, as well as automatically allocating computing tasks between creators and node operators. The use of transactional tokens is provided by the network.
  • GPU Providers (Operators) Provide Proof-of-Render work processing computing tasks requested by Creators. Operators are able to freely join and leave the network using a desktop based client. Node operators receive user IDs attached to their user Wallet, from which their activity on the network can be coordinated. Upon joining the web client, the network will determine critical performance information used for node benchmarking.
  • GPU Requestors (Creators): Submit rendering tasks to the network to be processed by node operators. Creators use a web interface where they can select job and rendering output preferences. Once a work is processed, Creators confirm and pay for processed frames
  • Dual Use Operator / Creators: Some users will both request and process rendering tasks. Using RNDR, Dual Use Operator / Creators are able to use their idle GPU power to accumulate RNDR tokens that they can then use to process future work, for which they may need additional GPU compute resources available on the RNDR network.
Last modified 3yr ago