Creators: Users on the RNDR network who are purchasing GPU compute power in order to process and render scenes/pieces.
Node Operators: Users on the RNDR network who have registered their GPUs for use in processing and rendering scenes/pieces.
RNDR Token: The Primary token unit used to obtain rendering, processing and streaming services.
OctaneBench (OB): GPU benchmarking tool generated by Octane users running speed tests across a wide variety of GPU and system configurations.
OB Unit: A unit of work measured in seconds and concurrent OctaneBench power.
ORBX: A container format that captures scene data (assets) and an XML (extensible markup language) render graph, which describes the semantics of a scene.
Proof-of-Render: Confirmation of rendering work by users and systemic algorithmic rendering checks.
Reputation Score: Score assigned to nodes based on reliability, success rate, past performance and rendering ability. Used in order to determine resource and job allocation for rendering jobs, as well as Tier assignment.
Ordinality: Process by which user activity and work is archived within the RNDR network.
Hashing: The registration of scenes and assets on an immutable database to track entitlements and recomposition rights.
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