I) Watermarking

On RNDR, watermarking is used in conjunction with smart contracts to coordinate the flow of services on the network. Assets are viewable in watermarked form until a job is confirmed and a user pays for the completed work. Once the work has been paid for, a RNDR smart contract is triggered to release the unwatermarked output to the creator and release tokens from the smart contract to the node operator. When the conditions for a completed job are met, the smart contracts release the asset from its watermarked state. These conditions can include the confirmation of a successfully rendered frame, or the transfer of entitlements from preview to download or stream. As a result, watermarking is essential for the provision of services on the network.‌
More advanced watermarking capabilities are based on OctaneRender AI-accelerated path-traced rendering technology and the ORBX semantic scene graph.
Last modified 3yr ago