L) Job Approval and Dispute Resolution

When frames are not properly processed, a creator has the opportunity re-render the frame in order to receive fully completed work. When a creator elects to re-render, the failed frames are automatically sent to other nodes for reprocessing. Because the job is automatically sent for re-rendering, the creator will not have the ability to modify the scene in any way. As a result, there is no benefit to rejecting an undesired render that results from a creator improperly configuring their scene (for example, setting the wrong colors, cameras, lighting, resolution or samples). After a number of multiple failed re-renders, the job is quarantined, and a support ticket is generated for review. If other nodes successfully render previously failed frames, the reputation score of the node that initially failed the render is temporarily reduced. If multiple attempts at re-rendering did not resolve the failed frame, and support review indicates that the work was initially correctly processed, and the error lies with the creator, then the creators’ reputation score is temporarily reduced. The dispute resolution process can be seen below and additional information about this process is available in the RNDR Helpdesk.
Last modified 3yr ago