M) Proof-of RNDR

There are many challenges that must be solved in order for a blockchain-based render economy, built on proof-of-render, not just proof-of-work, to function successfully. RNDR uses the successful processing of rendering work to build a peer-to-peer network of sufficiently trusted nodes. Trust is generated by the successful processing of frames, validated by a number of inputs like: creator approval, the performance of a node relative to node benchmarking, and automated render checks - for example, the use of the Octane AI denoiser to automatically spot noise filtering. These processes can be applied to a render job data and when conditions are not met, flag it as a bad result. As a result, trust on the RNDR network is generated by successfully rendering images in a similar way that proof-of-work protocols use the completion of cryptographic puzzles to achieve trust. Further, because works are exposed to users for confirmation, and can be checked with scene data, verification of disputed events is possible.
Last modified 3yr ago