5. Instructions for adding RNDR Tokens and Credits

To use RNDR, the network uses Metamask (Ethereum’s payment gateway):
  • To start please visit: and add the chrome extension
  • After the extension is installed, you should “create a wallet” and click “I agree”
  • The following screen should ask you to create a password. Next Metamask will provide you with a secret back-up (please keep that in a safe place, don’t share)
  • Upon confirming your secret back-up phrase, your account will be created
  • You should now be on the page below: Now send us the code that starts with 0x below “Details”. Send that address
  • To be on staging, go to the top right corner to switch to the Ropsten Test Network
  • Access the URL to the artist-side web application for RNDR:
  • Please sign up and authorize your account by confirming your email
  • Once you are signed in, click the “Scenes” tab on the top right of the screen and upload your .ORBX scene file
  • Once uploaded, click “Create Job”
  • Now follow the instructions in this video for submitting a job and setting the parameters:
RNDR Credits are also available for purchasing within the RNDR interface. Simply click on the ADD RNDR tab in the RNDR interface where you will be able to add tokens or purchase credits using a payment provider like PayPal or Stripe.
Last modified 2yr ago