6. Creator Loads Tokens / Credits into Account

Creators add RNDR Tokens or an amount of currency to their Render Account. A Creator can add an estimated number of tokens to cover a single rendering job, or add more tokens to their account in order to process current and future rendering jobs
Step 1: When you click the top right user button, send RNDR or fiat from your wallet
Step 2: Connect RNDR to your Metamask wallet Step 3: Confirm the amount from below

USING RNDR AUTH Permissions for Credential Management

Within the RNDR Account Portal, AUTH Permissions allow an administrator to grant & restrict permissions to individual users within their studio. For example, an administrator could create an access token with only the ability to upload scenes, while another access token only has permission to run jobs based on the scenes already uploaded. This provides granular permissions to users within an organization and better enables corporate governance. This allows a studio to manage usage of RNDR Tokens, while also enabling other users to access a studio’s network account for collaborative workflows. AUTH permissions allow an administer to both manage and attribute tasks in an account.

RNDR User-based locking system

Tokens are temporarily locked in a smart contract prior to beginning rendering work to guarantee that tokens in a user’s wallet will not move while work is being performed. The tokens are locked in a smart contract with a mapping to the user within the internal system. The locking smart contract is agnostic meaning many different ETH addresses could fund a single user. The tokens available for a specific user can be increased at any time but cannot be withdrawn once locked. An OTOY-International address is the only address able to release tokens.
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