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Answers to the most common questions from the Creator community

When is Arnold Render and other Render engines being added to Render Network?

Currently adding multiple renderers, including Arnold, is one of the long term goals of the Render Network. But the team's main goal currently is stabilizing the network and bringing multiple Octane version support to Render Network.
To stay up to date on any project updates, turn on Telegram/Twitter notifications, as well as Medium reminders, to keep up with the latest Render Network news.

When will Tier 1 and Enterprise Tier be released?

Tier 1 and Enterprise have actually been up since 4/27, with a closed group of customers and backend nodes on a staging version of We plan to make it more widely available once we have more nodes and partners onboarded

How much does it cost to render on the Render Network?

Render price is variable based around which Tier is used, the size of the job, and the time taken to render work.
Unfortunately it is hard to nail down an "average price", as the price range is quite large based across all those metrics.

Are there any Render Network competitors?

A number of services offer rendering options, and Render Network is often compared to Golem in terms of the shared computation foundation of our system. However, the Render Network is an already established system that has publicly launched and is focused on AR/VR/MR. Render Network has deep experience in this space, as well as partners and relationships that we can use in order to add onto our network as it scales.

How do I check my RNDR balance?

To check your current RNDR Credit and RNDR Token balances, simply log in to, where your current balances will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen.
RNDR Credit Balance
RNDR Token Balance
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