How to get started as a Node Operator

Joining the network, setting up your node and understanding Render Network

To join the network as a node operator, complete the Render Network Interest Form and you will be added to the on-boarding queue. When your node is ready to be added, The Render Network Team will follow up with more on-boarding information.

Please see the Render Network FAQ for more detailed hardware information, however our general recommendations are:

  • A CUDA-enabled NVIDIA® GPU and a minimum of CUDA® 10.1 drivers with support for compute capability 3.0 or higher (the minimum driver version is 419). We recommend a minimum 6GB of VRAM, and 8+GB VRAM is preferred.

  • 32+ GB System Memory (RAM) is a recommended minimum with more RAM helping your node process more complex scenes.

  • Strong Network Connectivity is required to download and upload assets.

  • 100GB Free Disk Space is recommended. SSDs and non-mechanical hard drives are also preferred for faster read/write speeds. Render Network uses a node's C-Drive, so if you have multiple drives, please use the faster Drive or SSD as the Temp Folder in the C-Drive, and ensure there is sufficient space.

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