Cinema 4D on the Render Network with Brilly

A beginners guide to preparing and uploading your C4D files to the Render Network

For an introductory video tutorial on Using Cinema 4D on the Render Network, please see this guide from 3D Artist, Brilly:

Within his walkthrough, Brilly highlights a few key tips for making sure you have a seamless experience with the C4D Beta:

  • Double Check: Double check that not only are all the assets collected in the correct location that you selected, but also that all file-paths for those assets are correctly formatted.

  • Change File-Paths Easily: If there are any issues with the file-paths of your assets, there are easy solutions:

    • If the assets are using absolute rather than relative pathing, go to the Asset Inspector, select the particular assets, go to the "Asset" tab and select "Localize Filename".

    Make sure that all assets are selected, like in the screengrab above
    • If the assets were improperly collected in the first place, repeat the above steps, but once in the "Asset" tab, select "Consolidate Assets" and save your project.

Once again, make sure that all assets are selected
  • Match Your File and Folder Names: The Network will look for a file matching the name of the folder you upload when you upload your project, so make sure that the C4D file name and the project folder name are the exact same.

To submit a support request or to report a bug, please visit this page and enter "C4D Beta" in the subject line.

For more granular questions on preparing a file for upload and any technical specifications available or unavailable in the current Beta version, please continue on to the Cinema 4D Beta Guide.

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