The Render Network on Mac with Pro Tharan

Pro Tharan shows just how easy it is to create your own logo animations using the power of a Mac and the Render Network

With Octane having expanded out onto Apple's M1 and M2 chips, and onto the iOS ecosystem with the Octane X app, the power of the Render Network is now at the fingertips of Mac users! But what exactly can you do with that power? Award winning creator Pratheep Tharan (aka Pro Tharan) shows you how you can make your own logos and the possibility for more in his video tutorial!

To start off, you'll need to have the following tools:

Any Apple M1 or M2 machine

  • To get started you need an Octane X License in order to operate the Octane X app on your Mac device. You can download a free trial here, or purchase an Enterprise license here. Once you have either, you can download Octane X Standalone for the Mac using this link.

  • Once you have an Octane license setup, you should be able to access the artist portal on using your Octane account. You can find instructions for accessing the portal and more in the "How to Get started as a Creator" section.

    • To use the Render Network you will need to use either RNDR Tokens (Blockchain Based) or RNDR Credits (Fiat based). Instructions for acquiring and using both can be found in the "Adding Funds to Your Account" section.

Once you have the above, you're all set to get started on making your logo! We highly encourage watching Pro Tharan's detailed video above, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Setting your keyframes in the viewer will make your rotating logo easy to adjust and remix.

    • Do so by setting the first keyframe in your 0 frame, with your null camera H coordinate set to "0" before locking the frame (hitting the diamond icon)

    • Go to your 300 frame and follow the same instructions, only set your null camera H coordinate to "360" before locking the frame. This will ensure your object starts facing forward and ends after a 360.

  • If you follow the instructions in the video, you should only need 4-5 RNDR Credits to render your animation. This may change if you adjust the size or settings in the animation!

  • Your "time per frame" will be available in the window where you made your scene.

  • Before downloading your completed frames, go to your Chrome or Browser settings and make sure they are downloading to the location you would like them to.

  • Once your scene has been completed and you've made your animation in Quiktime Player, you can airdrop that scene to your iPhone or iPad!

  • Just as easily, you can Airdrop your ORBX file to your iPad and remix it using the Octane X app on iPad!

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