Purchase RNDR Tokens

Guide on how to purchase tokens from exchanges or from MetaMask directly using its swap function.

In order to use, earn or purchase RNDR Tokens, you need to have an ERC-20 compatible wallet that is NOT an exchange wallet (for example do not use a Coinbase Wallet).

If you don't yet have a MetaMask wallet please see Setting up your Wallet.

[NOTE] Ensure that you have enough Ethereum (ETH) to cover Gas fees required for every transaction you want to execute.

Find your Ethereum wallet address

After your MetaMask wallet is set up and ready to go, just copy your Ethereum wallet address to clipboard. The address looks like "0x" followed by some numbers and letters.

Using an exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges aren't too different from their physical counterparts like the NYSE. On any exchange you can Deposit and Withdraw currency at market value.

To get your wallet ready for using RNDR, you'll need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) and RNDR from an exchange and deposit them in your MetaMask wallet. For a full list of exchanges RNDR is listed on, please see CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko for up to date information.

Using MetaMask's own swap feature

To purchase RNDR and ETH, please follow the instructions listed on each exchange carefully, or follow the chart below for instructions on using MetaMask's Swap feature.

[NOTE] Due to the high usage of the Ethereum blockchain its users currently face high fees. A swap is an extensive computational use of smart contracts running on the blockchain. Therefore it is not uncommon to pay fees of two digit dollar amounts. Therefore swaps only make sense to acquire tokens using swaps if you plan to purchase starting at a certain amount compared to the fees.

Please make sure you are directing funds to your MetaMask wallet address.

Once purchased, wait for a transfer to succeed and the coins will appear on your MetaMask.

[NOTE] The Render Network has migrated to a different RNDR token contract - please check that you have the current Render Tokens (RNDR) under the current contract address: 0x6de037ef9ad2725eb40118bb1702ebb27e4aeb24

If you have RNDR tokens with a different (old) contract address - please follow our Migration Guide to convert them to Current RNDR. You will also be prompted to migrate your tokens in the RNDR interface.

Adding Tokens to your Render Network Account

With the above steps completed - you are now ready to add your RNDR tokens to your Render Network account!

Go to rndr.x.io and login to your Creator account (or create one).

In the top right corner you will see your RNDR balances, with RNDR Credits listed first, followed by RNDR Tokens. If your RNDR Token amount is zero, you have to move some RNDR tokens from your MetaMask wallet into your Render Network account.

Just click on the balance for the deposit window to appear (you might have to allow MetaMask to connect to the website).

Enter the needed amount and press Deposit - then confirm the transaction in your MetaMask and voila! After the transaction is approved - the balance will appear in the system.

[NOTE] In order to pay for a Render job using RNDR Tokens, you will need to cover Ethereum Gas fees [Ethereum's version of transaction fees]. You can view resources on purchasing ETH here.

Now you can upload scenes, create jobs and render with Render Network. For a guide on getting started as a Creator:

How to get started as a Creator

For more information on advanced wallet setup, see the next section on Advanced Wallet Setup

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