Getting Started with Brilly

Walking through everything you will need to know to start your first scene on the Render Network

Among the features in Brilly's walkthrough, the following highlights could be considered key:

  • Review your Scene: It is important to check scenes in Octane Standalone - especially when they contain a number of effects, denoising, layers and even plugins (like those from GSG).

  • New ORBX Exporter: One of the newer streamlined features with exporting (which he does through the Render settings directly in C4D) is where you can access the OctaneRender plugin and its built in ORBX exporter.

    • From this same screen you can even select to open the exported file in Standalone immediately, to check your file in Standalone before uploading to the Network.

  • Zip your ORBX for large scenes file before uploading to save time and money - it will not only upload faster but it will also be downloaded faster by the individual nodes during your job.

  • Real Time Support Chat is now available through the creator portal, which gives any user direct access to our world class support team, who are available to help nearly around the clock with hands on help.

  • Finally, if your scene is particularly heavy, it's recommended to use a free download manager to assist in downloading.

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