Preparing Metamask for Layer 2

Instructions for how to add Layer 2 to your Metamask
For all creators new to Render Network, nothing changes for you functionally. When you sign up, your wallet will automatically and seamlessly be interacting with our Layer 2 Matic (Polygon) system.
For all existing creators, since your current account is linked to the Layer 1 system we’ve had in place, you will need to move your wallet to now be interacting with the Layer 2 system. This will be done through a simple contract authorization, which can be done in a few easy steps:
Currently we recommend connecting via Metamask
  • You are prompted to connect Metamask with the website
  • After confirming with "Connect" a pop-up should appear prompting you to authorize a signature. Click "Sign" to connect your account.
You will need to be on the Ethereum Mainnet before signing in. This can be checked by opening your Metamask and selecting "Ethereum Mainnet" from the network drop down menu.
  • (You might have to go back again to
  • After you have logged in using your Metamask wallet click on "Polygon Wallet"
The token balance displayed is your current tokens on Layer 2
  • Search for "RNDR" in the token search bar.
  • Click on the Metamask icon on the right side, next to the send button, to add the token information to your Metamask wallet.
  • After clicking, a Metamask window will appear asking to add the Polygon network to your Metamask account. Verify the network information matches the below image and click "Approve".
You can see more network details by clicking "view all details"
  • After you've added the Polygon network, another Metamask window should appear asking to switch from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon. If the window does not appear, click on the Metamask icon next to Render Token again.
Click "switch network" to switch your account from Layer 1 to Layer 2
  • After you've switched to Polygon, a window will appear prompting to add the RNDR token contract to your Layer 2 account. Click "Add Token" to approve.
Your current RNDR balance should be 0 when adding for the 1st time
  • After you've added the RNDR token to your account, click on the Metamask icon next to the address bar of your browser and select "Polygon". You should now see your current RNDR and Matic balances on Layer 2 displayed.
You are now all set to send and receive tokens on Layer 2
For increased security, you can manually add RNDR on the Layer 2 Polygon network by following these instructions:
  • Open up Metamask by clicking on the Metamask symbol in your browser. Click on the dropdown network menu and select "Polygon" or "Matic Mainnet" from your network options.
  • Once on the Polygon network, scroll down in Metamask and select "Add Token".
If you've previously added RNDR on Layer 2, your current balance will display
  • To add RNDR, enter in the following information:
    • Contract Address: 0x61299774020da444af134c82fa83e3810b309991
    • Token Symbol: RNDR
    • Token Decimal: 18
After entering the information, click "Next"
  • All of this information can be verified at the below address:
  • After entering the token contract information, click "Next". The following window should appear. Click "Add Tokens" to add RNDR's Layer 2 contract to your Metamask.