Transferring tokens on Layer 2

Instructions for how to use Layer 2 to send and receive tokens
Now that you're on the Matic network, you'll need to deposit ETH and RNDR from your Ethereum Mainnet account to your Matic Network account. This is a fairly simple process:
Some tokens will have a "Plasma" label. They can only be moved via plasma bridge
  • After connecting to Matic, you will now see the tokens and token amounts currently in your wallet. To move tokens from your Ethereum Mainnet account to your Matic account, click "Move funds to Matic Mainnet".
Your current balance on ETH and Matic will be displayed
  • After selecting the amount of ETH or RNDR you would like to transfer, you can select your transfer mode between "PoS Bridge" and "Plasma Bridge".
    • While we recommend the PoS Bridge (3-hour transaction) for its short transaction times and robust security, selecting the Plasma Bridge will afford the highest level of security at the cost of transaction time (7 day transaction). Either option is secure and backed by the Polygon team's robust system of validators.
Selecting "Switch Bridge" will bring up more details on your transfer options
  • Clicking "Transfer", an estimation of the gas fees for the transaction will appear. You can confirm the estimated gas fees by using the following gas tracker:
Make sure you have enough ETH to pay for the transfer
  • After confirming the gas fee estimation, you'll be prompted to confirm the transfer. Double check all the information is in order before pressing "Continue".
  • After clicking continue, a Metamask window will appear prompting you to confirm the transaction fees. Click "Confirm" to begin the transfer.
You can manually edit the gas fee to adjust for current rates
  • After confirming the transfer fee, a window will appear showing the status of your transfer. You can close out this window if you prefer, the transaction will continue in the background.
You can view more details by clicking "View on Etherscan"
  • Once your RNDR and ETH have been transferred onto the Matic Mainnet, you are all set and will now be interacting directly with Layer 2.
All Matic transactions can be tracked using the following blockchain explorer:
Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain Explorer
Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain Explorer
Track your Matic transactions using the Matic explorer
If after trying out the Matic bridge you decide that you would prefer to stay on the Layer 1 system, you simply have to transfer your funds from your Matic account back to your Ethereum Mainnet account using
All other interactions within the Matic chain are exactly the same as Ethereum - you just need to switch your MetaMask wallet to “MATIC” network and use it in the usual fashion - to withdraw, send tokens or move them via the Bridge.
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