Node Operator FAQ

Answers to the most common questions from the Node Operator community

Why do I need to pay a subscription to register my node on the network?

You do not need a subscription to register your node on the network. Subscriptions are only necessary for creators using

What are the minimum system specifications?

CUDA-enabled NVIDIA® GPU and a minimum of CUDA® 10.1 drivers with support for compute capability 3.0 or higher (min. driver version is 419). 8 GB VRAM, 32 GB RAM, Strong Network Connectivity.

How much will I earn rendering on the Render Network?

Please checkout our community made calculator for an earnings estimate:

How do I check how much RNDR I've earned?

You can estimate RNDR earned using our community calculator, or you can use the following slash command in our Render Network Slack:
/node-performance id=yournodeid start=yyyy-mm-dd end=yyyy-mm-dd
If you want to keep your results more private, use the command in a DM with yourself.

Can a render node "outbid" other nodes by performing a job at a lower price?

Render Network work is not assigned through a bidding process, but based around Tier allocation, reputation score and availability.

How is reputation score calculated?

Reputation score is based off a "proof-of-render" system, whereby human job confirmation and algorithmic rendering checks are used to confirm work. This disincentives "bad actors" from rejecting correctly rendered work, and pushes less work towards low performing nodes.
For node-operators, a slice of work rendered is taken and assessed for success in order to calculate a reputation. This is weighed against the node's rendering history, which prevents swings in success to negatively affect a historically good node.
We plan to expose more information on how reputation score is calculated through the API and a user dashboard that is in production.