Important Safety Information

Keeping yourself safe in the crypto-world
We're excited to have you join the Render Network, but it's important to be aware of the potential pitfalls and safety issues that joining the crypto world can present. There are always new crypto scams and phishing attacks out there, and often malicious groups will try to impersonate official accounts to elicit sensitive information.
We want to share some basic security tips to help keep you safe:
  • It is important that you never share your Private Key information with anyone claiming to be from the Render Network. There is no reason that your Private Key information should ever be shared, even with the Render Network team or a support representative. The same applies to your Seed Phrase, JSON file or the QR code of the wallet backup. Never send this information to anyone. The Render Network team will never ask you for this information.
  • Please only refer to official announcements from the Render Network Team, which you can find on Twitter or Medium. On Twitter, scam accounts often mimic official account names and photos, but have a fake handle, so please verify first.
  • Make sure that you verify addresses that you intend to send tokens to. Once tokens have been transferred to a wallet, there is nothing that the Render Network team can do to retrieve those tokens or reverse the transfer on your behalf. This includes sending tokens accidentally to either the Render Network contract(s) itself, or to other token issuing contracts.
  • Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for sensitive accounts, and applications like Authenticator are recommended over text or phone based authentication - to avoid sim-swapping attacks.
  • Coinbase has prepared useful resources for avoiding Cryptocurrency scams which we recommend reading.
Thank you for being part of the Render Network community and for more information, please refer to our guides and FAQs.
--The Render Network Team
Last modified 4mo ago